Fizyx for Felines: A Physics Textbook for the Curious Cat

Chapter 1 – Excerpt 4

Posted in Uncategorized by skonabrittain on 26 February, 2010

This excerpt, about Newton’s Second Law, finally contains the long-anticipated application – with possibly life-saving ramifications – that motivated the study of vectors at the beginning of the chapter. You’ll also learn which floor of a building is the most dangerous one to throw a cat out of, which I hope is a much less practical application.      (more…)


Chapter 1 – Excerpt 3

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This excerpt is short and highly illustrated because it’s about mass and inertia, and cats, while not massive, are experts on inertia. It includes Newton’s First Law, a.k.a. the Law of Inertia.     (more…)

Chapter 1 – Excerpt 2

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The next excerpt from Chapter 1 discusses velocity, acceleration and force. It contains algebra and calculus (which you may skip), a photo of one of my cats engaged in their other favorite activity (which you may dwell on to make up for skipping the math), and an exposé of the real source of Newton’s discovery of gravity under the apple tree.
As you can tell, cats are allowed on the table at our house. It would be too hard to explain to them that the tabletop is off-limits to cats when they see so many miniature statues of themselves there. Besides, it’s a fertile source of material for scientific investigation.

Chapter 1 – Excerpt 1

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This post is the beginning of the first “real” chapter, which is about linear motion. After a historical note about Newton and his cat, some vector concepts are presented, with a pedagogical use of color, to set the framework for the study of motion. (Despite their Zen-like propensity for stillness, cats are known to occasionally engage in motion.)     (more…)