Fizyx for Felines: A Physics Textbook for the Curious Cat

Inter-Chapter Interlude

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Last week there was no post because my computer was still feebly recovering from a power outage. Next week there will be no post because I’ll be taking a group of high school mathletes to a competition in Las Vegas. And this week there is a special post that is not a section of a chapter. So the question of whether Chapter 3 will ever get written is still unresolved.
This excerpt is a historical tale about a magnificent cat named Magnus who had a historically significant tail. Not only is there no math in it, but there’s very little physics in it.


Chapter 2 – Excerpt 8

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This is the final excerpt of the chapter, which finally explains the chapter’s title (Newton’s Cat’s Kittens).     (more…)

Chapter 2 – Excerpt 7

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Yet another short excerpt, including a physics approach to analyzing catfood. (more…)